Welcome to Book Me a Country website! This is TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD THROUGH BOOKS project: a venture that will enable you to see the whole planet without leaving the comfort of your home.

This is my way of assisting you in learning more about the earth by offering you a tentative reading list from each country, one click away.

I travel through books in over 12 languages and bring you the details of the cities and places I have visited, the people (characters) I have met, the exciting new languages I have learned, and the cultural epiphanies I have reached.

The Blog page will introduce you to my latest adventures, and give you a short information about the books I have read, while Books list will take you country by country, author by author through the books that you as well can read, and the countries that you yourself can visit.

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Coffee With Author is where you will find interviews with selected authors. Open it to access discussions on some of the most authentic and controversial books from all over the world. I usually select the authors myself, but I also welcome a few self-nominations. If you are an author and would like to see your book featured on my website, feel free to check my review policy.

If you are a book enthusiast and would like to be part of this journey, make sure to join my Book Club. Each month we decide on a book by a different country in the world. Read with us this month’s book and join our live  discussion on Instagram!

I also host a monthly Language Challenge, where I encourage myself and others to read books in different languages. Find out which language we are reading in this month!


Book Me a Country is a witty, polysemous use of the verb “to book” (reserve a place or an accommodation), and a noun “book” (a written or printed work),  which results in a meaning of “using a book to mark a place”, or metaphorically: traveling the world using solely a book.


Photographs, book synopses and translations included on this website are my own, and have not been used/rewritten from other published websites/authors, therefore do not violate the copyright of any individual. The included book cover thumbnails and book quotations are part of the fair use policy.

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THE WILD BOOK by Juan Villoro Juan is only 13 years old, but his life is already falling apart: his parents are separating, and his father has moved out to live with his girlfriend in Paris. To make things worse, Juan is forced to spend the summer break with his uncle Tito – an obsessed … Continue reading Mexico

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